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Homicide Charges for a Father After Toddler Killed in Motorcycle Crash: Salt Lake City Lawyer Urges

A Salt Lake City man was charged with child abuse homicide, a second-degree felony, after going over 40 mph and crashing his motorcycle while riding with his helmetless 1-year-old son on his lap.

The father, Shannon Moore, was also charged with unlawful motorcycle riding, having a minor on a motorcycle with no helmet, and driving on a suspended license, all class C misdemeanors.

Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers see too many of these tragic cases where accidents could have been avoided if drivers followed the speed limit and other safety precautions. As a reminder, young children should not go for rides on motorcycles when they cannot hold on by themselves or reach the pegs, and they should always wear helmets.

Police say Moore was driving his motorcycle in the parking lot of his apartment complex on Aug. 5, 2012, with his son on his lap, when he made a 90-degree turn, lost control of the motorcycle and it crashed. The motorcycle landed on top of the toddler and he suffered fatal head trauma.

Although the speed limit is 10 mph in the parking lot, investigators estimated Moore was driving between 41 and 47 mph.

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