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How to Choose a Good Attorney

Finding a good attorney may seem daunting. This article breaks down how to find and choose a good attorney that will meet your individual needs.

Consider the following recommendations:

  1. Locating an Attorney

  2. Personal Referrals – A solid recommendation is priceless. For common, general legal problems, many people know of and can refer to an estate attorney, divorce attorney, real estate attorney, etc. Talking to a dozen people can help produce good leads that ultimately result in helping you find the right attorney for your particular situation. As with anything, different personality types may get along better, as do certain professional styles.

  3. Online Services – Many online websites offer attorney recommendations based on your locale and particular legal issue(s). Simply answer a few general questions and your contact information forwards to the professional that may best service your needs.

  4. Lawyer Directories – Many professional law sites offer specific law directories, based on attorneys’ areas of experience and practice. This can initially help narrow down a law specialty.

  5. Business Referrals – Many businesses work with attorneys on a regular basis. Consider speaking to reputable businesses, insurance agents, real estate brokers, accountants or bankers to receive personalized attorney recommendations. Other great business recommendations may come from the local Chamber of Commerce, nonprofit groups, law libraries or support groups.

  6. Specialist Referrals – If you require an unusual or more specific legal area of the law, consider exploring working with a legal specialist.

  7. Local Law Chapters – Confirm attorneys’ good standing with the local law chapter, ensuring there are no complaints against him/her.

  8. Interviewing Prospective Attorneys

  9. Personality – As with any type of business, personalities can click or rub each other the wrong way. Make sure you are comfortable with your attorney selection and he/she is someone you can trust, is easily accessible and strives to build personal rapport.

  10. Promptness and Communication – During the interview process, do not be afraid to ask the lawyer how long it will take him/her to return your messages, emails and telephone calls.

  11. Willingness to Work Together – If your legal budget is limited, consider asking a Salt Lake City attorney if he/she will work with you to further your legal knowledge so some of the work can be done yourself, helping save you money.

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