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If You Are an Attorney in Utah, You Should Probably Know it is Risky Business for Everyone Involved

If you are an attorney in Utah you should probably know it is risky business for everyone involved when it comes to robbery. If you are the assailant then you would need to have a fantastic attorney in Utah to help you out when or if you are caught. If you are the one being stolen from there is the possible emotional turmoil as well as damages that may have been caused by the assailant; all of which can be compensable in a lawsuit. Fixing the damage can be expensive as well as time consuming and we all know that time is money. Victims of crimes also often need an attorney in Utah to help deal with complications associated with insurance claims, or if you don’t have insurance, and lawsuit against those that harm the victims.

The innocent bystander also may become a victim of circumstance in a blink of an eye, thus resulting in compensable claims against someone. It is easy to say that such a witness can have emotional damage and the occasional nightmare that could have reoccurrences. Needless to say, anyone that witnesses a tragic situation may be be in need of some therapy, whether it emotional or physical, as well as medical attention, and the costs associated with this therapy can be devastating. An attorney in Utah could help any one of these individuals with their situations.

One such case occurred late afternoon Tuesday the 13th of March, 2012. It is alleged that there were two men wearing dark clothing and masks on their faces to hide their identity as they proceeded to steal from a jewelry store in Highland, Utah. The store was still full of guests when the men came in. The assailants instructed everyone to get on the floor. In that process two women were injured. One was a woman in her early 80’s that suffered damage to her hip when she attempted to get on the ground. The second was a woman in her late 80’s that received some wounds on her face and hands (Brubaker 4 & 5). It has not been specified how she received these wounds. She will likely need the assistance of an attorney in Utah to help her to get medical care paid for.

The store was torn apart and glass was broken along with vast amounts of jewelry taken. The witnesses were able to give a brief description of the men as well as some of the license plate numbers associated with the getaway vehicles. There will be no information given out on how much was stolen, but you can be sure that everyone involved will be discussing that information like the following with their attorney in Utah if the suspects are caught and have the means to pay for the damages:

“Suspects are described as a 6 foot 2 inch, 280-pound African-American male wearing brown sweats and a black ski mask, and a 5 foot 4 inch, 145-pound male of unknown race wearing a dark shirt and jeans and a black ski mask (Brubaker 8).”

If you get stuck in a situation like the one described, please contact an attorney to discuss your rights. For more information about the legal services that our firm provides please continue to look at or stop by any of our offices, which offices are located at 8985 S. Eastern Ave, # 109, Las Vegas NV 89123 or 8 East Broadway, Suite 550, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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