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Immigration Lawyers in Salt Lake City Inform That Immigration Commission Eliminated in Utah

Utah senators dissolved the Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration after working on a bill to eliminate old commissions that no longer had useful functions.

The immigration commission was created two year ago to study the impacts of illegal immigration and to help seek an agreement to streamline the process for legal workers to come to Utah from the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. However, senators believe the commission spent a lot of time talking, but not coming to solutions and that the meetings were nonproductive. Additionally, the new attorney general said he is not interested in pursing the Nuevo Leon agreement, which was promoted by the former attorney general.

Immigration lawyers in Salt Lake City at the law firm of Shumway Van & Hansen agree that it is a good idea to get rid of unused commissions, but hope immigrants will still have a voice, as immigration is an important current topic in Utah and the nation.

No senator fought the elimination, and the amendment to eliminate the immigration commission passed by a 27-0 voice vote.

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