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Immigration Lawyers in Utah, Get Ready: Things are Changing

Immigration reform has been seeing ups and downs, forwards and backwards in quantities that could almost be considered bulk recently, and not least because Obama is using executive power to wield changes on immigration law. Obama didn’t wait for Congress to sort out whether they planned to support millions of immigrants stay in the U.S. legally; instead Obama rewrote the law himself by executive power. Immigration Lawyers in Salt Lake City will notice that the president halted deportations of those who came the U.S. as children, those who care for minors, and those who have not committed crimes. He’s even suggested that he’ll allow undocumented relatives of U.S. service members to stick around, too.

Conservatives and other immigration reform opponents scoff at the terms “immigration” and “overhaul” when they’re near each other in a sentence, so Congress is having a hard time getting anything passed given its deep divisions of professed political value. The Democratic –controlled Senate passed the biggest deal yet in immigration overhaul last year with their path to citizenship for the eleven million undocumented immigrants. Meanwhile the Department of Homeland Security put forth a series of changes that give prosecutorial discretion to agents in deciding whether to pursue infractions. Obama’s bill to create a path for citizenship for college students and individuals serving in the military failed.

No matter, says Obama, he’s getting it done himself, step by step. And he’s not making anyone happy. Supporters of an immigration overhaul complain that he’s not doing enough, while opponents say that he’s undermining the American way of life for U.S. citizens by his actions. Immigration Lawyers are just trying to keep up.

His actions are creating some serious waves, despite what may be the detailed implications and their impact on undocumented individuals seeking assistance from immigration Lawyers. A congressional hearing has been called, and a lawsuit filed accusing the government of preventing immigration agents from fulfilling their duty to uphold federal immigration law. Obama is repeatedly publicly promoting democratic processes that involve congressional consensus, emphasizing that small steps are necessary to avoid inciting Republican wrath at a total overhaul.

Arguments from both sides differ on whether Obama has the power to stop all deportations entirely, but it’s not likely that he would, even if he could. Given the suit already filed with the government’s impeding ICE agents’ ability to do their job, it’s more likely that Obama will continue implementing small changes one step at a time to enact reform on the laws. In 2011, for example, the administration issued a memo saying that only the most serious criminals and recent border crossers should be deported. Immigration Lawyers representing long time U.S. dwellers and adults brought to the country as children will have strong cases, too, given Obama’s recent announcement that “Dreamers,” as well as guardians of minor children shouldn’t be deported. What’s next? Allowing spouses, children, and parents of service members, reservists and veterans to stay. Obama’s taking on immigration reform on his own, and immigration lawyers in Salt Lake City paying close attention know it’s changing on a monthly basis.

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