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Injuries should be handled with an attorney San Antonio can trust.

Personal injuries and wrongful death are unfortunately a common legal issue within our nation says any attorney San Antonio offers. While these usually pertain to job related injuries or medical issues, they can be exhibited in the most unlikely of places, including high schools. Many in the nation have been severely upset by the death of a Texas football player, who passed away at a hospital last week. The culprit of his death was not a concussion or field related injury, but ant bites. Unfortunately, the young and promising football star was allergic to the tiny pests and suffered several bites before being rushed to the hospital and then to a much too soon death. Any attorney San Antonio trusts for legal counsel would say that this is truly a rare situation.

While school mates and friends mourned his death, many parents, including his own realized his early demise could have been prevented. According to reports, the support staff and proper medical equipment was non-existent and not organized for such an event. In addition, many noted that the fire ants on the field were terribly out of control and something should have been done prior to game day. The mother of the deceased stated that even an EpiPen, which was not provided, could have gone a long way to supporting and stabilizing his body through the bites.

So far the family is not pressing charges, but simply urging officials to look more closely at potential injuries to children, within the school. Many officials have sided with the family and stated that they feel they too, as a school, did not meet the standards they should have. For now, grief counselors are available at the school for students who need to speak to someone. Any attorney San Antonio offers notes that such an untimely and surprising death often causes severe grieving. This linked with anger often motivates a lawsuit, but attorneys say this can be much more than pure emotion. Especially in the event of a provider’s death, monetary amounts are awarded based on what has been wrongfully taken from a family. These types of cases are often misunderstood and any law firm San Antonio holds encourages further counsel before giving up, or making a binding legal decision. If you have questions, contact (210) 503-2800 to speak with one of our attorneys.

This is truly a sad event and the attorneys and staff at Shumway Van and Hansen sincerely hope that the family can find some peace in the near future.

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