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Injury Lawyers Salt Lake City Parents Rely on Review the New Requirement for Seminars on Bullying in

Bullying is a topic getting a lot of attention recently. In fact, Utah school districts may soon have parent seminars on bullying and other important issues. Personal injury lawyers Salt Lake City educators trust, remind parents and teachers that bullying can have legal consequences as well.

The Senate passed a new bill, HB298, which requires school districts to have annual seminars to instruct parents. The seminars will cover the topics of substance abuse, bullying, mental health, and Internet safety. The seminars must begin at or after 6 p.m., be offered at no cost to parents, be held once a year, and be held in at least one school located in the school district.

While schools are given the chance to opt out from holding the seminars if the local school board deems it unnecessary, Senate officials hope they will look closely at these important issues in the schools before opting out.

Injury lawyers Salt Lake City residents trust, remind that if bullying turns into abuse, there could be legal charges brought against the bully. Assault and battery are two of the main legal issues that arise during bullying. Legally, assault is when a victim is in fear of immediate and personal violence, and battery is when there is physical contact.

The bill passed the Senate and previously the House, and now goes to the governor.

If your child has been injured as the victim of bullying, contact a personal injury attorney Salt Lake City parents can rely on for help.

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