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Las Vegas Bankruptcy and Sale for Entertainer Wayne Newton

Las Vegas headliner Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah recently went up for sale after the U.S. Bankruptcy Court approved the sales procedure. The 37.8-acre property was once planned to be converted into a theme park celebrating Newton’s career.

The sale requires buyers to post a five percent cash deposit of their proposed price with a broker by May 15, and an auction is scheduled for May 31. Newton and his wife Kathleen have appealed the sale order.

It might be difficult to sell the property because the three houses on the property have leases and Newton’s herd of Arabian horses still have the right to graze on the land.

Additionally, the Newtons filed to move the Chapter 11 Las Vegas bankruptcy case of the entity that owns the estate (CSD) back to Clark County District Court. The 70 percent owner of CSD, Lacy Harber, has other plans, and has filed to terminate the leases and force the Newtons and their horses off the land.

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