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Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney Helps You Reach Your Goal to be Debt Free This New Year

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to get out of debt? If not, should it be? Think of how wonderful it would be to start next year off debt free. Take care of your debt with getting your bankruptcy started today by finding a bankruptcy attorney Las Vegas debtors can count on.

You may not be convinced about filing for bankruptcy. It can be a difficult decision to make; however, it is also a very important decision. Bankruptcy is a tool that allows you to start over and eliminate your debts.

The first step to bankruptcy and getting out of debt is to hire a qualified Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney. Some people question whether they really need an attorney for help filing their bankruptcy, and the answer is yes. Lawyers for debtors and creditors know the ins and outs of the bankruptcy process. Also, bankruptcy cases are heard in federal court, not state court, so having an attorney represent you is even more important because they are familiar with the courtroom.

If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there is a liquidation ending with your debts being discharged. Generally this includes your credit card debt and medical bills, but not most student loans and taxes. Also, necessary debts, like mortgages on homes or car loans, remain.

Do not postpone reaching your debt free goal this year, call Michael C. Van, a bankruptcy attorney Las Vegas can trust at Shumway Van & Hansen. 30 minute consultations are always free and oftentimes an appointment can be scheduled within 24 hours. If you need an appointment after regular business hours that can be scheduled as well. Call the law firm of Shumway Van & Hansen as soon as possible to get started with resolving your debts.

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