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Las Vegas Business Lawyer Don't Usually Recommend Dealing Only in Cash Money - Here's Anothe

The record label Cash Money Records may be in trouble, and Las Vegas business lawyers may say that the trouble could have been predicted, given the label’s name. Dealing in cash money only can be risky—no records (no pun intended), no receipts, all the liability. It’s even worse when your tactics of running your business are already shady, as Bryan “Birdman” William and “his newly affiliated artist Jeffrey ‘Young Thug’ Williams” are finding out this month.

It’s been a bad week for Young Thug—Las Vegas business lawyers know how bad it must feel to be named in an indictment against a colleague, but it may be part and parcel when your business tactics are as dubious as Cash Money’s are. Some have argued that the “business” is run more like a family owned company—but in the mafia/gangster sort of way, not in the mom-and-pop sort of way. Which makes sense since all three of the parties involved in the indictment “have ties with the Bloods street gang.”

It’s a case that most Las Vegas business lawyers wouldn’t want to touch, even with their living in and being surrounded by the action in the disreputable “Sin City.” Apparently Young Thug’s colleague Jimmy Winfrey “made a call to a phone number owned by Young Thug right before the shooting” of Lil Wayne’s tour bus this year. But it wasn’t just a phone call—Winfrey appears in a Young Thug video “released a few weeks after the incident that contains a lyrical threat to shoot Wayne, and waves a rifle at the camera at the appropriate moment—the same kind of assault rifle prosecutors allege was used in the shooting.”

While lyrical waving of guns in videos may not be strictly illegal, it sure doesn’t look great in front of a jury. And Cash Money may be on the hook, or at least under threat of collapse when all its major artists are entangled in a sort of incestuous-business criminal case.

But not even the best Las Vegas business lawyers would be able to save their clients from themselves if they did what Young Thug did this week: making terroristic threats when he began “reportedly threatening to shoot a mall security guard.” Then he racked up some nice charges of drugs and weapons “after a police raid of his home on Wednesday.”

Making smart choices in business is akin to making smart choices in life, which makes it seem like Cash Money Records may have been in trouble from the start. Intense success doesn’t necessarily equate to sustained viability and even though the owner’s net worth was estimated at $150 million earlier this year, incidents like these aren’t good for business. (And they’re not good for the business partners, either).

Responsible business owners usually keep good records (again, no pun intended) with receipts, cost accounts, and stable partnerships that aren’t likely to compromise the business. Cash Money may simply have to wait this one out and see what’s left of their company at the end of the charges.

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