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Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer Advises Seek Counsel

A Las Vegas divorce lawyer is no stranger to the present time’s high divorce rate. It’s no secret, especially to attorneys in Las Vegas that the fair city gets a negative reputation as the quick marriage and quick divorce capital, regardless of the thousands of successful marriages that are born in front of an Elvis impersonator every day. Divorce can appear in even the soundest appearing and emotionally balanced marriages, as any divorce attorney, Las Vegas residing, can tell you. Often it becomes the only way to function for the sake of both parents and any children that the marriage has produced. Recently, a ninety-year-old couple made the media awe at their timeless love. A man and woman, who had previously been married at an early age and divorced a few years after, reunited in a wedding ceremony last year. Apparently the large amount of time apart, and the timely event of each of their second spouses’ deaths, motivated them to get back in touch and see if the magic was still there. Obviously, it was.

Although this is a happy story, besides the fact that two spouses died of course, it’s also rare. Summer divorces remain just as common as summer marriages. The reasoning for this may be that women are earning more than they once were, therefore the common dynamic often existing in marriage is changing. Additionally, men and women are both living longer, due to advances in medical technology, which means that the term “till death” may be ringing a bit louder in the ears of the newlyweds than it once did. Whatever the case may be, divorce remains a common factor in America and many of these divorces are not amicable, according to many lawyers in Las Vegas NV. Retaining a divorce attorney Las Vegas residents can depend on for thorough and swift counsel can mean the all the difference when regarding a legal separation. A Las Vegas divorce lawyer from Shumway Van and Hansen can help you negotiate and navigate the confusing legal jargon surrounding divorce matters, of which there are many.

A Las Vegas divorce lawyer in our offices offer free consultations for those looking for representation and counsel during a divorce. This consultation is set up with no charge because each Las Vegas divorce lawyer at our firm understands that you feeling comfortable and confident about your representation, is of highest priority. Contact our office at (702) 478-7770 to set up a meeting, which best fits your schedule, with a divorce attorney Las Vegas spouses can be confident in.

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