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Las Vegas Family Law Attorney Discusses Wisconsin Judge’s Order That a Man Not Procreate

Child support often goes unpaid, but one judge in Wisconsin would not allow it, and said common sense should dictate that a father not parent more children if he could not provide for them. A family law attorney can help you get the back owed child support you deserve.

Wisconsin Racine County Circuit Court Judge Time Boyle ordered 44-year-old Corey Curtis not to father any more children until he can prove that he can provide for them financially.

Curtis currently has nine children with six different women. He failed to pay the $90,000 he owes in child support, and was sentenced to three years probation.

While Judge Boyle could not legally restrict Curtis’ future breeding; according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, a judge could order, as a condition of a person’s probation, that the defendant not have another child unless he could show he could support that child.

If Curtis violates the order, he could be thrown in jail.

For help with your child support or other family law case, contact a Las Vegas family law attorney today.

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