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Las Vegas Family Lawyer Gives Tips on Parenting During the Holidays

If you have children and have been through a divorce in Nevada, you may be wondering how the holidays will play out with child swapping and encounters with your ex. If you have questions about your parenting plan, contact a Las Vegas family lawyer for help.

Holiday expectations for divorced parents and their children can add stress and complications to the already busy season. For a smooth holiday, it is important to know your legal rights and limitations and play nice.

As any divorce attorney knows, divorce can be difficult on the parents and children and also be accompanied by a lot of tension. Some tips to help you through the holiday include:

  • Acting civil toward the other parent and grandparents

  • Creating new holiday traditions with the children

  • Only keeping the old holiday traditions that work in your new situation

  • Asking the children what is important to them during the holiday

  • Following the visitation schedule so each parent gets their time with the children

If you are seeking a divorce in Nevada, or if you have questions relating to child custody or the visitation plan, contact a family law attorney for advice.

Shumway Van & Hansen always offers free consultations and often times can schedule quickly. We understand that answers to questions about legal matters are always pressing concerns so please feel free to contact our law firm at any time.

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