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Las Vegas Injury Attorney Discusses Study That Says Those Who Text and Drive are Likely to Have Othe

Drivers who use their cell phones while driving tend to participate in other dangerous driving practices as well, according to a new AAA study. A personal injury lawyer Las Vegas drivers can trust can help you if a driver using their cell phone has injured you in an accident.

The AAA study finds that these distracted and risk-prone drivers are also more likely to speed, drive drowsy, text, and not use their seat belts. Additional studies have also shown that when a driver uses a cell phone, it impairs their reaction time and roughly quadruples crash risk.

Distraction-related crashes have continued to increase each year, notes a Las Vegas injury attorney. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports more than 3,000 people are killed and almost half a million are injured in these distraction-related crashes each year.

Additionally, young drivers ages 16-24, were more likely to text and drive, than other age groups. Las Vegas injury attorneys urge you to teach your children about the dangers of cell phone usage while driving.

Contact a personal injury lawyer Las Vegas motorists can rely on for help with your accident case.

Kevin R. Hansen, a Las Vegas injury attorney at Shumway Van & Hansen, offers free consultations and can meet with you almost anytime if your situation is urgent. For more information please call (702) 478-7770, or stop by 8985 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 100, Las Vegas Nevada 89123.

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