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Las Vegas Injury Lawyers Urge Swing Set Safety at Home: A Lawyer in Las Vegas Can Help After an Acci

Playground equipment provides fun entertainment for children, but it also is the cause of many of the injuries children in the United State receive. Las Vegas injury lawyers remind parents to properly install swing sets and playground equipment at home.

Hospital emergency rooms treat about 200,000 children each year for playground equipment-related injuries. Most of these injuries are the result of falls, either falling to the ground or falling from one piece of equipment to another.

About 148,000 of these yearly injuries take place on public playground equipment, and about 51,000 of the injuries are at home on playground equipment. Additionally, about 15 children die each year from playground equipment related incidents. Most of the deaths are the result of strangulation or falls.

To provide safer play areas, there should be protective surfacing under the playground equipment and playgrounds should be inspected often. As a lawyer in Las Vegas, I urge parents to take steps now to make their playground equipment safe.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers additional home playground safety tips so you can make sure your backyard playground equipment meets safety requirements for your children and their friends use.

If your child has been hurt on public playground equipment or on improperly maintained equipment at a friend’s home, contact a lawyer in Las Vegas to discuss your options.

Las Vegas injury lawyers at Shumway Van & Hansen always offer free consultations and often times can schedule an appointment within 24 hours. If your child has been involved in an accident in Las Vegas please call us at (702) 478-7770, or stop by our Las Vegas office which is located at 8985 S. Eastern Ave # 100, Las Vegas Nevada 89123.

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