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Las Vegas lawyers Warn of VIN Cloning: Ideas to Protect Your Vehicle by an Attorney Las Vegas Reside

VIN cloning is like identity theft for your vehicle and is costing consumers, auto insurers, and other victims millions of dollars. It is when criminals take an authentic VIN number, put it on a stolen vehicle, and then try to sell the stolen vehicle to someone else. Take the tip of an attorney Las Vegas residents can rely on and check the VIN in multiple places on a vehicle before you purchase it.

VIN numbers are a mix of numbers and letters. They are unique like fingerprints or social security numbers and are used to find out information about a specific car, such as where it was made, values, or the history report of how many accidents it has been in.

Criminals put a legitimate VIN number on a stole vehicle of a similar make and model and then register it in a different state. After the stolen vehicle is registered, it is then sold to the unknowing buyers.

The real problem is for the innocent buyer or the victim of the car cloning. For the innocent buyer, when the true history is discovered for the cloned car, the vehicle will be confiscated and the buyer will still be responsible for any outstanding loans. For the victim of the car cloning, they can be accused of traffic offenses they did not commit, and may have to spend a lot of time and money to prove it was not them or their car involved.

VIN numbers are on the dashboard and most modern cars have their VIN numbers listed on several parts of the car. When you purchase a car, Las Vegas lawyers recommend verifying that the VIN on the title matches multiple VINs on the car in order to avoid purchasing a cloned car.

Las Vegas lawyers also recommend that you contact your local police if you think your car has been cloned. For example, your car may be cloned if you receive notice of unpaid parking tickets that are not yours. If you are looking to purchase a car check the VIN plate on the dashboard for any evidence of tampering. Also, get a copy of the car’s history report and beware of cars that are being sold for considerably less than comparable cars.

To read more about the VIN cloning tactic in Las Vegas, go to To read more tips on avoiding car cloning, visit Contact an attorney Las Vegas residents can trust at Shumway Van & Hansen if you need help.

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