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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers Scrutinize Big Payout From Nissan Automotive

Nissan Automotive has to pay a $4.2 million award after an Essex County New Jersey jury granted that judgment following a car accident where the victim whose neck was fractured in a car accident. If you are injured while driving a Nissan, or because you were a passenger in one, contact the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers motorists depend on at Shumway Van & Hansen. We can assist you to obtain the payment that you deserve and do this as quickly as possible!

Larry Clanton was driving in his Nissan Altima when a 73-pound runaway tire from a pickup hit his car hood and fractured it. The attorneys for the case suggested that the roofing panel and the header panel in all 2002-2006 Nissan Altimas are defective due to the fact that they were incorrectly affixed to the rest of the roof framework, a typical practice in most automobiles. As you would probably assume, Nissan’s failure to do something that is a common practice in the industry is a big deal to the injury lawyers representing the plaintiff.

If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of automobile accident then you may be entitled to payment for injury or wrongful death (if a death occurred). Las Vegas personal injury lawyers want you to know that you may be able to recover medical costs, lost wages, future losses, pain and suffering, or funeral expenditures associated with the accident. Expenses are usually a very large issue in big accidents so don’t wait until yours have piled up before talking to an injury lawyer.

If you would like help locating an automobile accident lawyer who is experienced in litigating motor vehicle accident cases, speak to an injury attorney Las Vegas vehicle drivers count on at Shumway Van & Hansen.

The Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Shumway Van & Hansen provide free consultations and will come to you if that is what you would prefer. If you would like to come to our office then please don’t hesitate to do so; the address is 8985 S. Eastern Ave. # 100, Las Vegas Nevada 89123. Our contingency fees start at 20% so capitalize on the cost savings and call injury lawyer Kevin R. Hansen now!

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