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Las Vegas Reached Record Number of Visitors in 2012

The 2012 year was a record-setting one for Las Vegas, with 39.7 million visitors coming to visit Sin City. That is about 500,000 more visitors than in the previous record-setting year, 2007.

But there are also good and bad ramifications for Las Vegas residents with all the tourists coming and going. The good news is that tourists bring business and jobs; the bad news is they also bring more crime and accidents.

More tourists means more money for Las Vegas businesses, says a business lawyer Las Vegas residents can trust. Last year, the record number of visitors helped the Las Vegas economy by bringing in more than $40 billion. Also, tourism supports 370,000 jobs, or 46 percent of all the local jobs.

However, more visitors also mean more crime and accidents, criminal defense Las Vegas attorney Eva G. Romero-Kane says. Just by increasing the number of people in one place, there is a greater likelihood for crime, specifically theft. Additionally, there are more car accidents when drivers who are unfamiliar with the city are on the roads.

But residents and lawyers in Las Vegas are willing to take the good with the bad as they embrace their tourist town and those who come to visit. And tourism officials are hopeful that 2013 may be the year for more than 40 million visitors.

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