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Lawyers in Las Vegas Applaud Nevada's Lowering Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate in Nevada is the lowest it has been since February 2009. According to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, the unemployment rate for December was 10.2 percent. This means there were about 138,800 unemployed people in the state. Employment lawyers in Las Vegas are grateful to see some improvement in the Nevada labor outlook.

The unemployment rate went down 0.6 percent from the previous month’s rate of 10.8 percent in November 2012. For the 2012 year, the rate averaged 11.6, which was almost two percentage points below the 2011 rate.

In Las Vegas in December 2012 the unemployment rate fell to 10 percent from 13.3 percent in December 2011. Many believe that this is an indication that Nevada’s economy is getting better. Lawyers in Las Vegas are certainly hopeful that this is the case.

While it is good news that the Nevada and Las Vegas unemployment rates are falling, unfortunately, the rates are still higher than the national average. The national unemployment rate for December 2012 was 7.8 percent.

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