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Lawyers in Las Vegas Nevada Agree, "It Can Wait."

It’s a known fact that texting while driving impairs a vehicle operators skills. Since the invention of the cell phone and text messaging, it’s become a common vision to see a wayward driver staring at their gleaming phone. Fortunately, officials and cell phone companies are taking a much-needed stand on the issue and authorities instituting tougher laws. As of now, the state of Nevada outlaws cell phone use on the roads.

In a sad state of events, Nevada lawmakers note that since the ban, accidents on the road have actually increased due to cell-phone use. Now they hope that with a joint effort with the It Can Wait campaign, and with the pledges of many in the state, those deadly numbers can be reduced. Many drivers have called in their pledge and hope it brings awareness to the reality that cell phone use while driving is never a good idea. Lawyers in Las Vegas Nevada are well aware of the negative effects these technological advances have had on the road. “There is a delicate balance with technology and when used safely it can be used effectively,” says Mike Van, a lawyer Las Vegas often looks to for legal counsel. According to studies, driving while texting actually causes one to operate the same in a vehicle as if they were blindfolded. Even small excursions through cell phone land can reduce your awareness by 30%.

Unfortunately, for many the effects of cell phone use has meant the loss of quality of life and even the loss of loved ones. Contacting one of our attorneys in Las Vegas after a car accident is the wisest decision. Shumway Van and Hansen offers free thirty-minute consultations in order to better equip you with the answers you need, prior to your decisions.

If you would like to join the pledge, text ICWNV (stand for It Can Wait Nevada) to 464-329.

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