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Lessen Legal Drama with a Divorce Attorney Las Vegas offers

Amicable divorces rarely happen in the public eye; a fact which any divorce attorney Las Vegas offers, will attest to. Most entertainment superstars can look forward to alimony, custody battles and an overall public airing of their most personal and or secretive parts of their lives. This seems to be the case with Dwayne Wade’s divorce with his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade.

Wade is famous for his abilities on the court with a major NBA team, Miami Heat. Although, his recent court battles have caused his personal life to be on display, literally. Last week Wade’s ex Siohvaughn conducted a street side protest, or declaration (the jury is still out on which), displaying her confusion and disheartened feelings towards Wade’s recent actions. The sign that sat idly behind her read “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets”, several cameras and news outlets obviously stopped to document the action and Siohvaughn was not at a loss for words. Overall, her grievances were with the court system and how she felt her divorce was being mishandled. After evidential statements revealing Wade’s recent payments, the matter seems to be settled as of now and Siovaughn has not publicly released any statements of her own since the public display. As of now Wade remains the sole guardian and custody holder of Siovaughn and his two sons together.

While this is obviously a rare circumstance in a divorce, notes lawyers Las Vegas NV holds, it’s high profile status is not unusual for sports celebrities. According to studies on divorce, there are several reasons why non-celebrities divorce which are entirely different for celebrity marriages. Most reports site age differences. Celebrities are much more likely to marry younger than their age or engage in relationships with those who are vastly different from them, which in the beginning does not lay ground for problems but presents a problem later down the line. While these may not be directly related to sports, one final theory resonates with most celebrity marriages and possibly non-celebrity ones as well: the idea of Ego. Celebrities, due to their public status and lack of privacy, often become maladjusted to the ongoing applause from the masses. With this public glory, the desire to feel that in their private lives grows. Any marriage is difficult and with an outward reality that is vastly different from a non-celebrity, the struggle to maintain a humble and rooted balance becomes difficult.

Any marriage as stated reaches struggles. And some instances call for the wisest decision to unfortunately be, divorce with the help of a Las Vegas divorce attorney. With the right legal counsel, a warranted divorce can be the resolute option that it should be. If you have questions regarding your legal options during your divorce, call a divorce attorney Las Vegas can depend on at (702) 478-7770 to schedule an accurate and free consultation with our lawyers in Las Vegas NV.

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