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Marriage Not Official, Couple Finds Out Almost 50 Years Later

A couple approaching their golden wedding anniversary found out they were not legally married for the past 50 years. Contact a family law attorney Las Vegas couples can trust for help with questions about your family law issues.

When Bob and Norma Clark were getting paperwork ready for their wills, they discovered there was no marriage license on record for their 1964 wedding.

In San Bernardino, California, where the couple was married, marriage licenses must be returned to the county record office to become an official marriage certificate. A pastor married the Clarks, but apparently the pastor forgot to return their marriage license after the ceremony.

Eva G. Kane, a Las Vegas family law attorney says it is not uncommon for there to be minor problems like this after marriages, and it is a good policy to make sure you receive your official marriage certificate a couple weeks after the wedding.

Things worked out for the Clarks, and they have made their marriage official after bringing in witnesses to prove they were married those many years ago.

For help with your family law needs, contact a family law attorney Las Vegas residents can rely on.

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