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Money Laundering isn't a stereotype says a lawyer San Antonio trusts.

Everyday it seems the most prominent and notorious individuals become the definition and poster faces for white-collar crime, a termed coined in the late thirties to label the often high profile individuals who were being investigated and sentenced for crimes which surrounded financial gain and corporate manipulation. The lines have become blurred lately and these individuals do not always exhibit the characteristics that they once did. Although, the term has since stuck along with the pattern of white-collar criminals being reported and sent to prison. Any lawyer San Antonio offers knows that types of ‘white-collar crime’ vary from check fraud to environmental schemes and money-laundering. However, these days money-laundering runs the gamut of race, location and heritage. What was once a corner office, Caucasian, wall-street based term has now been spread throughout the U.S.

Recently, in San Antonio, a man was sentenced to a five-year sentence after being charged and found guilty of money laundering. According to several San Antonio lawyers, this is a fairly common service time, depending on other factors, which are negotiated behind closed doors. He had used a restaurant in the area to launder a large amount of money through the drug cartel. Though he was not noted as being a drug seller or manufacturer it was a charge based on his affiliation and operational position with the cartel. Officials say one person still in suspect regarding further relations to the cartel, remains a fugitive.

While this was obviously a conviction based on several merits it’s alarmingly surprising how often people may accidentally commit a form of financial fraud because of a lack of understanding. If you feel you have been wrongfully accused of such a crime, contact our law firm, San Antonio based, at (210) 503-2800. We offer free thirty-minute consultations in which we will answer your questions and concerns.

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