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Navigate Same-Sex Divorce With a Divorce Attorney Las Vegas Counts on

Jane Lynch and her wife of three years are currently seeking divorce. The split, according to Lynch, known for her work on the television show Glee, is amicable. This has brought to light a very important cultural shift. Along with the recent Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage, the DOMA decision, divorce under similar circumstances will now be much easier to pursue. Divorce proceedings are common practices to attorneys in Las Vegas; especially given Vegas’ often comically rendered depiction in film and cultural bashing.

Now that more states are allowing same sex couples to form a more legal union, the rates for divorce will likely rise, say many attorneys in Las Vegas. The same commonplace tangible items that are distributed during a heterosexual divorce will be allocated during a homosexual divorce. Although it’s in a negative connotation, it is a positive step towards marriage equality according to many same sex couples. Especially since children are involved in several same sex marriages, as in the divorce of Jane Lynch. Lynch co-parents with her soon to be ex-wife and the stability of the child’s welfare and support is what continues to make their marriage’s demise, amicable says Lynch. Now that marriages between same sex couples are legally recognized by many courts, the divorce process will in effect be recognized as well. Any divorce attorney Las Vegas offers will note that this will be an effective change for the chaos that presented itself in prior separation situations. Again, many are celebrating this change as a welcome addition towards the quest for equal rights among all couples.

Divorce is getting a cultural facelift, but the reality is divorce’s affects are rarely amicable and unfortunate circumstances can affect any marriage. There are several reasons a relationship reaches demise and the best way to ease the strain of a impending divorce is to consult with attorneys in Las Vegas regarding your options. Before that step, however, consider comparing lawyers, because no two are alike. Shumway Van and Hansen offers free thirty-minute consultations so that you may in a sense, try out our firm and allow us to determine which legal route we may accompany you on. Contact us at (702) 478-7770.

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