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Nightmare Parking Ticket Over $100,000: Shocked Las Vegas Attorney

A Chicago woman went to court to fight her over $100,000 parking fine. An attorney Las Vegas car owners can rely on can help you fight your tickets in court also.

Jennifer Fitzgerald filed a lawsuit last year against the city of Chicago to fight the 678 parking tickets that police put on her car for almost three years. Why the $600 clunker car was not towed and impounded before it could accumulate so many parking tickets is the question a Las Vegas attorney would like the answer to.

Fitzgerald’s car was parked in an employee parking lot at O’Hare International Airport for almost three years. However, Fitzgerald claims her ex-boyfriend abandoned the car at the airport and she should not be held responsible. The lawsuit also named her former boyfriend as a party.

It was reported that the city offered to reduce the fine to under $2,500, but Fitzgerald claimed she still did not have the money to pay the fine, so the case went to court.

In court, a judge dismissed the lawsuit and urged the parties to try to reach a settlement.

If you also have ridiculous parking tickets, or just need the help of an attorney to try to reach a settlement, contact an attorney Las Vegas drivers can trust.

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