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No more long, drawn-out, painful breakups: the best divorce attorney in Las Vegas, spa weekend style

It’s kind of like the opposite of a honeymoon, but it doesn’t have to be any less relaxing—the new idea of getting a divorce over a weekend at a luxury resort is taking hold in America, and despite its unorthodox methods, is receiving rave reviews, according to this story heard on Northeast Public Radio. The idea of a spa weekend divorce was spawned when a well-known wedding destination in Saratoga Springs partnered with a Netherlands-based company to provide couples with a package service of getting it all over and done with, relatively pain-free. And if you had the promise of the best divorce attorney in Las Vegas, why wouldn’t you choose this route?

The DivorceHotel from the Netherlands so far has reached out to establish a U.S. based service only to the resort in Saratoga State Park, New York, but Las Vegas may be the next logical step. It only makes sense that going to Sin City to get un-hitched be as easy as flocking to the strip to get married. And if couples whose relationships are nearing an end are looking for the best experience altogether, why wouldn’t that include the best divorce attorney in Las Vegas amidst a getaway weekend focused on the task at hand with few distractions and a little pampering to boot?

So how does the weekend work? The increasingly popular European model has couples book into the resort for the weekend, and provides a package of services for couples to access, depending on the complexity of their divorce needs. Legal counsel, impartial mediators, financial advice, and even the occasional family therapist can be present to help couples end their relationship with dignity and grace. For Nevadans interested in the process, the comfort and security would be knowing that the resources, like the best divorce attorney in Las Vegas, are there for them to access over the weekend as needed.

The response to the idea in the U.S., however, has been mixed. The association of divorce as this long, often excruciating back-and-forth process is being shattered by pairing it with a luxury hotel. At Saratoga Springs, $5,000 will get a couple perks like massages and a divorce decree all prepped and ready for a judge to sign on Monday morning, a concept which the public engaging with the idea on social media finds a little “out there.”

Some family lawyers in Nevada like Cam Tu Dang are undecided about the whole idea. Maybe it would catch on in the U.S., but others aren’t betting on it. Even the best divorce attorney in Las Vegas admits there are some limitations—like states’ residency requirements for divorce often stipulating both parties reside in the same state for a certain period of time, a problem which some same-sex couples married in one state and now hoping for a divorce in separate states are encountering.

Still, many couples looking for closure in the end of their marriage are hopeful. One weekend saying goodbye on legal and financial levels sounds a lot more appealing than worrying about which document your ex-to-be will send you passive aggressively through the post.

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