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No Texting While Driving Las Vegas Injury Lawyers Caution

Texting while driving is illegal in Las Vegas, but you could end up with more than a monetary fine. Las Vegas injury lawyers warn that if you injure others while texting and driving, there could be criminal charges.

Massachusetts teenager Aaron Deveau was sentenced to two years in prison and loss of his driver’s license for 15 years after he was convicted of motor vehicle homicide by texting. He was the first Massachusetts driver with these charges. Las Vegas injury lawyers forewarn that similar charges could come in Nevada.

In 2011, Deveau was texting while driving when his vehicle crossed the center line of the street and crashed head-on into a truck, killing the driver. The New Hampshire driver was a 55-year-old father of three.

The district court judge over Deveau’s case said he was hoping to send a message of deterrence to Massachusetts drivers. And Deveau’s sentence definitely sends a message that it is not okay to text while driving. Las Vegas injury lawyers believe Nevada drivers should get the same message.

Any attorney in Las Vegas would agree that it is important for drivers to be aware of Nevada’s texting laws so they can prevent tragic cases like Deveau’s. It is also important for drivers to not drive distracted and to be alert when on the road, Las Vegas injury lawyers warn.

For more information about Deveau’s criminal charges click here, and for more information about Nevada’s texting and driving laws go to

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