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Online Divorce Forms, Should You Use Them? Michael C. Van, a Las Vegas Family Attorney Says do Your

You can find most things on the Internet these days, including many legal forms, but that does not mean you should use them. With the increasing number of divorces, there are more do-it-yourself divorce forms appearing. However, there are intricacies in Las Vegas divorce laws, and a simple form may not be that simple at all. If you are contemplating a divorce you should call a Las Vegas family attorney to make sure that you understand all of the ramifications associated with the choices that often exist in a divorce scenario.

A Las Vegas family attorney suggests really digging in and researching the law if you are going to fill in your own forms and represent yourself in court. NRS Section 125 covers the dissolution of marriage, and although lengthy, you should thoroughly read through those chapters if you plan to file for yourself.

While filling in your own divorce papers may seem like a cheap and quick way to get a divorce, it is not recommended, and can often be legally ineffective. Sometimes divorce forms come before a judge only to be dismissed for legal issues, and often these issues include child custody and retirement money, among other things. A Las Vegas family attorney can help you make sure child custody is settled and that you get your fair share of the money.

In some situations, it is best to just hire an attorney to make sure you are accounting for the complexities of Las Vegas divorce laws in your situation. Online divorce forms tend to work best for those who do not have children, property, or retirement.

Contact a Las Vegas family attorney for help with your divorce to make sure everything is done right and you do not miss any key legal issues to your case.

Each Las Vegas family attorney at the law firm of Shumway Van & Hansen provides free consultations and would be happy to meet with you any time. For more information please call (702) 478-7770, or stop by our Las Vegas location at 8985 S. Eastern Ave. #100, Las Vegas Nevada 89123.

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