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Pick the right divorce lawyer in Utah

It is commonly said that the two things one can depend on are, death and taxes. While that may have been true in the past, the impending, progressive, future is adding one other increasingly resolute addition to the checklist containing life’s little occasional certainties; divorce. Just as dreaded as death and taxes, divorce has become a rather resolute ending for one in three marriages. Rates for divorce are gathering a rapid increase, more than ever before. While this is no doubt a rather dampening cloud over the orchid-laced, Richard Wagner waltz encompassing, stark white tents put up by hopeful brides and grooms, it is definitely a changing facet that should garner preparedness. May couples are finding that the following tune to “Here comes the bride” becomes, “Here come the divorce papers”, unless of course a married couple sealed their vows under the popular ditty “Here comes the pre-nup”. Any individual considering divorce can discover that a life full of investments and possessions, built upon years of union, isn't easily separated. That’s why it is infinitely better to retain the well versed counsel of an experienced divorce attorney, whether you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Utah, a state with firm roots centered on family, or simply seeking legal advice, you deserve counsel from a good lawyer.

One may be surprised to learn that although the Bee Hive state ranks among the highest in marriages compared to the national average, it also ranks highest for divorce. Divorce lawyers in Utah know that no matter how extensively one prepares for a life of matrimony, certain events can alter the blissful state and divorce becomes the safest and wisest option. The media is littered with the visually catalyzed reports of ugly and destructive divorces. The reason for divorce is different in each marriage and can range from infidelity, irreconcilable differences, or simply, a change of heart. Recent reports of canine custody disputes, holiday celebration clashes and a particularly unusual story in which a woman was asked to give back her ex-husband’s kidney, gives the non-televised individual a sense of timidity in regards to the impending process of divorce, and rightly so. It is no secret that divorce, while painful but often times-as stated previously- necessary, has become an unusually common activity in the United States. Though no one wishes to employ a divorce attorney, they are increasingly becoming a necessary expense in changing times due to an increase in longevity in life and the dual career roles that men and women find themselves in. While these are benefits to our society and progression, it is also a new way to see the idea of union and the road ahead with the confidence that a lawyer Utah is confident in, is on your side. Individuals who reach fifty may realize that the promise of a longer life may make them see their future through different emotional spectacles, according to recent studies, prompted by the rapid growth of divorces in the fifty-sixty age range. Though many a Salt Lake City Utah lawyer may choose to capitalize on this economic benefit, the Nevada attorneys and divorce attorneys in Utah who are part of Shumway Van & Hansen prefer to focus helping individuals navigate through the road of divorce effectively and wisely.

One would be surprised at the myriad of personal effects that are subject to legal division during a divorce. Homes, automobiles, savings and even airline miles can become the subject of debate in regards to the dissolution of a marriage. Divorce lawyers in Utah must be wise in these areas. The most important of these of course, if applicable, is the custody debate between parents. This sensitive situation requires a lawyer in Utah divorcees can put their trust in. Some parents may find themselves fortunate enough to agree on the terms and locations where they will raise their children in their newly remodeled life. However, more often than not, the custody issues that come along with divorce can become a trying and nightmarish ordeal for both the parents and especially, for the child. Divorce is an emotional time for a family and while those emotions are warranted and understandable, it is important to find a divorce attorney who understands the need for professionalism, steadiness and organization among a plethora of raw emotions. Though, it may be tempting among the pain and confusion to simply dial the first divorce attorney in Utah, with a black and white ad, it is more important to hire a divorce attorney in Utah from a firm with the acquired skills and results that will make a transition such as a divorce, as clear and cost effective as possible. Speak to any individual who attempted to handle their divorce on their own or with an inexperienced attorney and they will tell you that the headaches and confusion, not to mention the time and commitment, are nothing to experience alone. The best advice for anyone going through a divorce is to find appropriate representation.

Children take the brunt of the negative effects of divorce and a good Salt Lake City Utah lawyer knows that it is the not the best interest of the parent that matters in a custody battle but the best interest of the child. Studies have shown that elongated divorces create a significant cognitive and noncognitive effect on the development of children, especially when the divorce encounters ugly milestones such as poor representation or a hostile adverse party. These are not things to be taken lightly and considered a fact of life that you must weather alone. The divorce lawyer Utah can depend on can be found at Shumway Van and Hansen. They realize that empathy is a mandatory part of representation and not an optional part. Shumway Van and Hansen’s divorce attorneys in Utah take the idea of representation seriously. We want to be the attorney you can depend on in a time when a situation seems shaky and life-altering. While a certain level of emotional distress may accompany a child’s experience through divorce it does not have to debilitate their lives and that’s where a competent and effective Salt Lake City attorney comes into play. A divorce attorney may become more than just an employed figure; he or she may become bedrock during a difficult time, a person of whom dependence and confidence must be thrown upon.

Divorce can create a very apparent strain on your daily life and you try to navigate the lingo and processes alone. That’s why finding the lawyer in Utah families need, who is familiar with the routines and protocols of the divorce process, particular to Utah, can make all the difference between an efficient and fair outcome as opposed to a disastrous amount of epic confusion. Divorce lawyers in Utah must be conscious and aware of the new additions to divorce customs in changing times while maintaining an ever firm grasp on the historical cases and laws that govern the divorce process. Hiring an ill-advised attorney may be the difference between successfully moving on with your life after divorce and repairing the financial pieces and marital burdens for years to come. No one deserves to be stagnant and inhibited financially and emotionally after a divorce. While divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City may not be able to repair all of the damages a separation may leave on a family, they will be able to bear the unfathomable and complicate load that accompanies the divorce process.

Shumway Van and Hansen understand that each marital situation is different and relative to each client. While that is something that most divorce attorneys in Utah neglect to understand, it is something that Shumway Van and Hansen easily remembers. Shumway Van and Hansen embraces the inquiries of each potential client and LGBT status and same-sex divorces will be met with be met by a lawyer Utah LGBT status couples can rely on to treat their situation with the same regard as any other client. In addition, Shumway Van and Hansen puts the matter of welfare over the matter of money and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in the most economical way possible so that you can continue your life in as least disruption as possible as you go through a time of separation. No matter how complicated or ordinary your custody questions may be our divorce attorneys at Shumway Van and Hansen want to assist you. Regardless of your financial situation or schedule, Shumway Van and Hansen’s divorce attorneys in Utah understand that each individual deserves the undivided attention of their attorney and we strive to be the attorney in Utah that clients can depend on.

Each Family Law attorney at the law firm of Shumway Van & Hansen has a lawyer Utah residents can be assured will provide consultations free of charge and they are willing to come to you if that is more convenient for your situation. For more information on our divorce lawyers in Utah please call us or stop by our Salt Lake City offices, located at 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

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