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Product Liability Cases on the Rise For Many San Antonio Attorneys.

Product liability cases are perhaps the most confusing for injured victims to pursue. The tendency to be nervous and inhibited in the face of a large corporation is very common. However, without properly assessing and pursuing justice with the help of an experienced San Antonio attorney, familiar with product liability, no on is held responsible and the affects of negligent behavior will become rarely persecuted.

The most common types of product liability injuries occur from multiple areas. For instance, chemicals and hazardous waste are the highest causes for product liability cases. Without proper warning a simple can of hazardous material can become a dangerous substance for an individual and without the proper retainment of a San Antonio lawyer, justice can’t be served. A more common type of product liability relates to children. Every year thousands of children’s products are recalled based on their safety hazards or inaccurate warning labels for mothers and fathers to accurately assess their safety. Children’s articles and toys are often manufactured quickly and efficiently, however with this rapid production, faulty and dangerous substances or parts can become the major cause for multiple injuries in infants and young children, specifically in the two to five year range. It’s important during such a time to ensure action by acquiring a San Antonio attorney.

The medical world has become a hot bed of product liability cases in the last few years. The temptation to make financial gain on a product that may have a slight defective or dangerous quality becomes the motivating factor when deciding whether or not to release a potentially dangerous new drug. Often times drugs are incorrectly or inaccurately advertised to the public to ensure it’s popularity and use. This is dangerous on multiple counts and subject to intense legal action. This extends not only to drugs but also to defective medical equipment, which is a common occurrence many attorneys in San Antonio are familiar with.

While we would like to believe that knowledge of a defective product is motivation enough to prevent it’s market appearance the fact is that often times, the risk of liability is far less of a financial burden than the loss of initial revenue. Without proper execution of the legal process and the action of retaining a reputable attorney, many victims of product liability are never given justice.

The San Antonio law firm of Shumway Van wants to see that change. Our attorneys are highly prepared to represent you in your potential case. We offer free consultations in which we can speak with you and listen to you candidly explain your situation. The phone number for our law offices in San Antonio is (210) 503-2800 and we look forward to helping you in your product liability case.

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