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Published Last Words don't surprise San Antonio Attorneys.

Texas gets a lot of attention for their rigid laws; one of which is the death penalty. So far Texas has executed over 500 convicted individuals; that’s more than most southern states collectively. The crimes and horrors that many of these individuals have committed merit the penalty, says many family members of victims. While Texas get criticized for this harshness, it may be surprising to many that the state publicizes the last words of these criminals on a public domain, available to anyone with a computer. These aren’t the last words of the last day, or before they went to sleep the night before; these are the moribund claims, they utter to anyone on the earth before their court-ordered death.

These last words range from a variety of sentiments, confessions and desperate claims; some even throw in a quick root for the Cowboys. They are all real; and all visible. It’s not illegal necessarily, to post these testaments, advise San Antonio lawyers; although it may lack tact. Many see this as a further dehumanization and abuse of individuals who are not allowed to speak for themselves any longer. However, others see it as a humanization of individuals who they could not previously see as human, prior to these words. Many San Antonio attorneys and activists have abhorred this public availability and are aiming to limit Texas’ ability to publish these matters. Some state that in that time and moment a person’s last words may reflect poorly on them; victims’ families say their crime has already done that.

The statements have gained much attention; a personal blogger has dedicated her domain to republishing these to her followers. Others visit the page just to be immersed in the mysterious last spieling thoughts of others. So far this available look into the minds of criminals has not prompted any change to the death penalty. Instead, many who read the last words state that it only reinforces their belief that capital punishment is a resolute and apt punishment for these types of crimes.

Texas crimes may be judged more harshly than others, which means and it’s of utmost importance to retain a lawyer in San Antonio who is accustomed to the laws and restrictions in the legal world. Our San Antonio attorneys offer free half-hour consultations to hear your case and determine how we may be able to direct your legal route. Contact us at (210) 503-2800.

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