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Salt Lake City Lawyers are Getting Younger and Younger These Days….

Salt Lake City lawyers are getting younger and younger these days…. An elementary school had the opportunity to see the inside of the court room. Rather than just taking a tour, the children were able to conduct a pretend trial. Being able to act like Salt Lake City lawyers, defendants and plaintiffs, and even the jury in the good old tale of the three pigs, which continues with a trial of Curly the pig, whose home the wolf tried to blow down, yet was unsuccessful, as the defendant. The charges against Curly are for trying to cook the wolf in a boiling pot of water.

There were two children that were able to play the Salt Lake City lawyers. In this pretend trial, we have one Salt Lake City lawyer defending Curly (the pig) and the other Salt Lake City lawyer representing the Plaintiff (the Wolf). The defense claimed that it was self-defense because the Wolf was attempting to eat her. In the end the jury, made up of Curly’s peers, determined that she was innocent of the crime she was being accused of.

The children playing Salt Lake City lawyers worked their hardest to either prove Curly’s innocence or guilt. Also, the children now understand a bit about the legal concept of double jeopardy, with the knowledge that Curly cannot be tried again on this same case. These future Salt Lake City lawyers did a great job on both sides of the case.

The trial was a fun and interactive way for the children to learn about our judicial system. I am sure that there are a few children going home telling mom and dad that they want to be a Salt Lake City lawyer or even a judge. Assuming these dreams stick in the minds of the participating children, many law firms in Salt Lake City are going to have new recruits in a decade or so.

In the legal community we always hope that these kind of interactive programs continue for as long as possible, and that more programs are developed that expose children to the opportunities in the legal field. Because of this program many children’s minds are probably overflowing with ideas of being a Salt Lake City lawyer or judge. The experiences of one day where a child could pretend to be a Salt Lake City lawyer could be the thing that makes that child’s mind up about what she wants to be when it comes time to prepare for college and graduate level education, which is almost necessary nowadays for acquiring employment.

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Read the original story: Morgan, Emiley, ‘Curly Pig’ found not guilty in annual mock trial, KSL, March 21, 2012

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