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San Antonio attorneys can help local celebrities avoid estate planning pitfalls.

Hollywood and the world of notoriety are riddled with the careless and comical actions of the rich and famous. Celebrity lives are stocked with ridiculous requests and ostentatious actions. These are never more apparent than in their last will and testaments. Every good San Antonio attorney knows that a last will and testament is an important and precious thing to any individual looking to accurately plan his events and property disbursement prior to his passing.

While most individuals opt for a traditional estate plan with few bells and whistles, celebrities often treat their deaths in a different fashion and go above and beyond, no pun intended. Case in point, the infamous and magically talented Houdini. While he was no stranger to the science in regards to tricks and illusion, he was highly interested in the afterlife. For his last wishes he demanded that his wife receive a ten-digit number, which would be used to indicate his direct contact from the afterlife. Houdini must have gotten busy with the post mortem activities, because he never contacted his surviving wife. While this seems a trivial matter and merely serves as a comical anecdote, the fact remains that with each last wish a trusted and well-versed San Antonio attorney is necessary to oversee the appropriate matters following a persons passing.

Whether you intend to leave all your possessions and financial offerings to your surviving family members and loved ones, or to your Maltese-poodle mix, retaining the assistance of an attorney San Antonio resident can trust, can be essential in ensuring that your instructions are accurately and carefully followed upon.

The San Antonio law firm of Shumway Van has multiple attorneys with experience in handling last will and testament issues. We understand that it is a personal matter and should be treated with respect and care. While we have yet to receive instructions on contact from the grave, we are more than willing to address and access any pre mortem concerns you may have and accurately follow your last wishes to best of our legal ability. Contact us at (210) 503-2800 to schedule your consultation.

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