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San Antonio Attorneys Handle Product Liability Cases.

Product liability can be a confusing subject for those involved. In relation to law, a product is namely something that can be consumed or commercially distributed to individuals or groups. If these products are deemed unfit for their specific purpose or if they result in a personal injury due to the liable party’s oversight, or if adequate instruction is not given for proper use, a product liability case is pursued through representation and possible litigation. Without the assistance of an experienced San Antonio attorney, a litigation matter involving product liability might be an unnecessarily stressful and strenuous legal experience. When dealing with product liability, there are several layers of which these cases can be veiled including breach of warranty on a manufacturer’s part or negligence on behalf of the distributor to take the proper precautions to prepare a product; however, strict liability is often the associated term. It means that the focus of the litigation and potential case is on the product itself and the surrounding instances that caused that product to become faulty and eventually, if applicable, injure the consumer. If you are dealing with such issues, knowledgeable lawyers in San Antonio TX are adequately equipped to handle all of your product liability cases and advise you in the way only a knowledgeable San Antonio attorney can.

People that find or determine that products do not work accurately, or cause certain injury are not rare as these discoveries happen all the time. Consumers of faulty products in the vein of product liability and strict liability may feel that their only option is to learn from their lesson and move on, constantly fearful that their needs as a consumer will never be met. A trusted San Antonio attorney can ensure the proper care is taken to treat your individual scenario as it should be, with honesty and integrity. We’ve all seen the late night infomercials that claim the cleanest floors and the “next best thing since sliced bread” and we have seemingly become conditioned in certain aspects to perceive that what we are promised as consumers does not necessarily need to be followed through on by the manufacturer. Faulty manufacturing causes about 30 million injuries in the United States each year and most of these injured consumers never receive any monetary amounts for their often extremely physical and emotional damages. These faulty products create some $800 million in expenses related to death, injury and property damage, and most individuals know someone involved with a faulty product or manufacturer who failed to properly maintain their product for the public. If you have found yourself in this position, know that attorneys in San Antonio are available and eager to help you through your circumstances—you do not have to face your troubles alone; seeking out a lawyer in San Antonio is essential.

Following the Stella Liebeck case, which involved an elderly woman receiving a large amount of money for the negligence of a fast food distributor who did not lower the temperature of their coffee, product liability cases have come under comical, and almost novelty related, scrutiny. The case involved a purchase of merely $.45 worth of a beverage and after intense litigation and a proposed settlement of $800, which was refused; Liebeck retained an attorney and proceeded to trial where she was ultimately awarded over $600,000.00 in damages. Regardless of whether late night comics or attorneys believe the amount was warranted or not, cases such as these create a dissonance between clients and attorneys, even San Antonio attorney, which begins preventing victims of such acts to properly address the situation and take action. People become reluctant to attempt to retrieve a monetary amount that they are rightly owed because they feel that their requests and inquiries will be met with shrugs and disappointment. Rest assured that a law firm San Antonio citizens have founded faith in can appoint counsel over your case to take the action you deserve. Product liability laws are set into play dating from the early 1900s for the specific reason of protecting the consumer. Without proper laws governing the actions of manufacturers, the safety of the general public of consumers is put at risk. This creates a very stagnant society. If there is no consequence there is no reform, or push for integrity. There are undoubtedly several types of product liability, which can often seem too complex or overwhelming, but a San Antonio Lawyer can help you understand where your potential case may fall and usher you through the complexities of litigation.

Manufactured products come under intense scrutiny in today’s world. In an era where everything is fast and easily accessible, manufacturers and companies are finding ways to mass produce goods and items. This results in higher profits and increased revenue but ultimately results in higher opportunities for mistakes and slip-ups in regards to the product they are creating. Product liability that falls under manufacturers’ products involve products that were manufactured without being upheld to specific standards and inspection, an arena that experienced attorneys in San Antonio are well adept to handling and navigating. These are routines that the company manufacturing the product are held to in order to produce an effective and durable product. These particular cases may involve difficulty in trying to prove liability, since the cause must be determined that it was, in fact, lack of attention to standards on the manufacturer’s part, which caused the product to fail. A San Antonio attorney can help you determine the difference.

If the consumer uses the specific product that caused any personal injury in an inappropriate way, or used the product with disregard to specific instructions and purposes for the product, the case may be debunked before beginning. Be certain that your case is carefully prepared by one of our San Antonio lawyers to ensure your case is thoroughly and accurately prepared for the court. Specific evidence of manufacturer’s fault must be proven in order to litigate effectively. A San Antonio attorney can navigate these confusing situations. Additionally, studies have shown that after a specific product is marketed and or created for mass production and a potential danger factor is discovered, companies have been known to continue selling the product despite the probable hazard to consumers. This happens for multiple reasons but mainly that manufacturers may see the financial outcome of liability as a less expensive and debilitating option than going through the expensive and timely task of repairing each product and sending it through specific testing again.

Another type of product liability exists under defective products. This type of product liability differs from manufactured products in several ways. Mainly, these are products that are not deemed unsatisfying to industry or created standards but have certain characteristics that make each product dangerous to an individual or group of users. These products, according to attorneys in San Antonio may pass all inspections and guidelines enforced by the manufacturer’s standards, however, the problem the product causes is not realized until after purchase. These can often be more dangerous since the retailers and manufacturers may not be aware of any potential danger. However, though it differs in its inspection, it does not differ in cause. Again, cause must be blatantly laid out as the manufacturer’s fault as the issuance or mere manufacturing of a dangerous product. Inability to use the product correctly for its intended purpose debunks a case entirely and gives it little success of sustaining litigation in court, according to a San Antonio attorney. If the manufacturer is to blame, rest assured that an attorney San Antonio consumers trust is there to bring justice to your case.

This third case is different from the previous two because it involves other instances that can affect the case. For example, if a product for consumption, for medical purposes or personal purposes interacts negatively with another common product, such as alcohol or another type of medication, and causes harm, then the manufacturer is possibly to blame for failing to warn those of the possibility of injury; expert attorneys in San Antonio are familiar with these complex cases. A product must have proper instructional and directional information in order to allow the consumer to be aware of potential hazards or dangers. If these directions are not properly laid out for the consumer, a potential liability suit against the manufacturer or production manufacturer may arise. Seeking knowledgeable legal counsel to navigate the complexities of product liability verbiage will guarantee that the best case is built for your situation. Determining your product liability case can be just as confusing as determining the different types of product liability situations, but a well-versed San Antonio attorney can help you sort out your specific incident and appropriately lay out a plan for potential legal action. The attorneys at Shumway Van and Hansen are familiar with these cases and don’t shy away from the possibility of intense litigation and high stakes. In addition, our lawyers understand that the approach to find out if you have a case is something you don’t take lightly. When dealing with a potential product liability case, one already feels victimized and is cautious about taking the right steps and weighing the options, especially when wondering what the options may be, or worse, if there are even options available.

The law firm of Shumway Van & Hansen has a San Antonio attorney for you who offers each individual with a potential case consultation free of charge to make sure that you have an available window to assess your situation and properly prepare financially and mentally for the legal decisions you make. More often than not, legal fees related to personal injury due to product liability cases are covered in a contingency fee, drafted by your San Antonio attorney. That means that our law firm receives a small percentage of what you receive through litigation and case winnings. Therefore, our payment is contingent on the settlement you receive for your injury due to product liability. We will honestly give you the answers you need, by our San Antonio lawyers to determine if you have a case and once an agreement is established we will earnestly and ethically fight on your side to make sure that you are adequately represented against the large or small corporations or individuals who have perpetrated a faulty product. If you have unfortunately experienced such trouble due to a product, our number is (210) 503-2800 and from the front door to the courtroom we will make sure that your concerns are met with prompt answers and care.

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