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San Antonio attorneys to see boom in business if immigration reform occurs.

Immigration reform has been a tense issue within the senate and certain states, as of late. San Antonio attorneys who practice immigration law are very familiar with the raw emotion that those involved in the immigration reform process seems to exhibit. Phoenix residents recently protested outside of Senator John McCain’s office, to rally against the immigration reform bill. The rally turned violent as protestors and counter protestors became verbally derogatory to the various parties involved. Eventually, a calm and collected fellow senator broke out into an a-cappella version of “God Bless America”, which seemed to allow the crowd to dissipate. Thankfully no one was seriously injured or arrested. Eventually the bill was sent through to the Senate floor to await full acceptance into law.

Immigration law generally gives rise to heated debate to be sure, and regardless of which side of the line an individual falls on; the fact remains that an experienced San Antonio attorney should be retained regardless of the situation in order to ensure that the process is accomplished correctly, in a timely manner and that the laws surrounding the process are properly advocated for or against. In a time when mostly negative connotations are associated with the debate over immigration it is refreshing to remember that our most famous and beneficial American actions, have been perpetrated by immigrants who were immersed in the melting pot of early America. Albert Einstein, winner of the Nobel peace prize in 1922 and Madeline Albright, former secretary of state, as well as John Muir, famous traveler and explorer of the untamed American land, were all immigrants to America.

The immigration process can be time consuming and confusing; but as demonstrated by the very existence of our great nation, is a necessary part of what makes America, well, America. It behooves anyone seeking the resolution of an immigration issue to retain an immigration lawyer from a law firm in San Antonio know to be able to assist in immigration matters. The immigration attorneys at Shumway Van & Hansen are experienced and professional immigration counselors who can assist you with your unique immigration situation. We understand that it is a confusing time, made only worse by excessive financial burden. That’s why we offer free thirty-minute consultations with our lawyers in San Antonio in which we can asses your immigration situation and offer a cost effective way to assist you in your case. Contact us at (210) 503-2800 to speak with an immigration attorney at a convenient time for you.

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