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San Antonio lawyers aren't surprised as pickpocketed doctor by illegal use of stolen prescription.

Dr. Jean Holt, a San Antonio ophthalmologist is both “shocked and angry” at the series of events that culminated in more than 100 illegal prescriptions being cashed in all over the city under her professional signature. Frustrated that police haven’t acted quickly and decisively, Dr. Holt feels distinctively taken advantage of. But whether “this alleged fraud artist still on the streets” is going to be held responsible for their actions, or whether liability might fall upon someone else entirely is a matter yet to be decided, as San Antonio lawyers could anticipate.

The prescriptions filled were all for hydrocodone, “a potentially addictive prescription narcotic meant for pain,” and which sells for as much as $5 a pill on the streets. With the majority of the scripts being filled at the grocery chain HEB, it’s likely that “a small family ring” is responsible for the theft and misuse of the doctor’s privileges. But hydrocodone is not only addictive, it can be lethal as well, and with the paper chain leading back to Dr. Holt’s office, even San Antonio lawyers can’t say for sure who might be held liable if someone overdoses with enough evidence that their supply came from the victimized doctor.

For Holt, she feels like “someone hasn’t quite done their job,” as in, the police in their pursuit of the thief, especially since “she even told police who did it.” Since an office employee in Dr. Holt’s practice was fired for the theft, there isn’t any questions left for her besides why justice hasn’t been done for the theft and fraud. Because “instead of an arrest, the SAPD investigators filed an ‘at large’ complaint with the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, asking their legal opinion of the case.” For now, the DA’s office San Antonio lawyers and Information Officers aren’t answering many questions.

They’re not even asking any, much to Dr. Holt’s dismay. “Five months after she first called, and in spite of the case information being forwarded to the DA’s office, Holt said an SAPD Narcotics Investigator has yet to interview her.” HEB won’t comment on the investigation either, but whether their stores could be held liable for filling all those prescriptions, especially if they doubted their authenticity, is a matter for the San Antonio lawyers from the DA’s office to figure out.

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