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San Antonio lawyers see escalation in white collar crime defense work.

White-collar crime has rapidly moved up the legal roster as the highest and most popular subject of litigation within the courtrooms today. Even more apparent is the role that female attorneys, including San Antonio lawyers, have played in the white-collar prosecution. Notable female attorneys and law professors around the country are seeing commending honors attributing them with the escalation and focus that has made white collar crime a prominent part of the legal curriculum as any group of lawyers in San Antonio can attest to.

Female legal gurus such as Kathleen Brickey of Washington University in St. Louis, are paving the way for more focus on white collar crime. Brickey has written the first law school textbook on the subject and women such as Sandra Jordan of the Charlotte School of Law, Julie Rose O’Sullivan of Georgetown, Pamela Bucy Pierson of the University of Alabama, and Ellen Podgor of Stetson University are all initiating the shift towards more focus on white collar crime as a prominent legal matter in America and with attorneys in San Antonio. Ironically, as more female lawyers bring attention to the subject of white-collar crime, more and more females are committing white-collar crime. The perpetrators of business immorality and high office scandals are increasingly shifting from the male gender to the female gender and is even evident to attorneys in San Antonio. The cause for such actions is unknown, however, sociologists studying the phenomenon are seeing the phenomenon in the courtroom in regards to this very subject.

According to studies, female perpetrators of white-collar crime are often younger and therefore seen as more vulnerable by jurors, according to observations by lawyers in San Antonio. In addition, many female perpetrators pin point a male cohort as the reason behind their unethical actions. While this type of schoolyard blaming may seem immature, it seems to be working. Jurors are finding these women as pawns in an overarching scheme. Needless to say the world of white-collar crime is blossoming into one of the most psychologically advanced and legally advanced forms of litigation.

Regardless of your association or gender, white-collar crime is a serious legal matter. If you are involved in such a matter, you need an experienced and objective law firm San Antonio can trust and an attorney to fight and negotiate on your behalf. The attorneys at Shumway Van have well-versed lawyers, familiar with all aspects of white-collar legality. Our consultations are free and can be arranged at a place and time convenient for your schedule by calling (210) 503-2800.

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