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Shumway Van. Personalized Client Service. Vast Legal Knowledge.

Shumway Van is a cutting-edge mid-sized law firm dealing with innovative problems throughout three U.S. offices. Our legal expertise is focused in a variety of distinct areas of law as well as in specific industries for our business clients. If you require an attorney Utah can rely on, we understand the land, the law, the courts, and the lawmakers that make the process of law work in Utah. We likewise understand the local issues, from Downtown Rising and the Utah technology boom, to oil and gas speculation and development in the Uintah Basin and air quality in the Salt Lake valley. Shumway Van & Hansen is helping to address many of the complicated challenges individuals and companies located in Utah face today.

At our law firm we use a multi-disciplinary approach that combines the skill and experience of our litigators, transactional attorneys, and para-professionals to attain each clients' specific objectives. We build enduring relationships and are committed to supporting each client in all situations and at all times, as they adjust to changes in their lives and the economic landscape.

Our clients include a diverse mix of businesses and individuals that count on our lawyers to obtain their objectives, as well as our know-how to help them prosper. Together, we make it happen.

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