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Support Families and Child Treatment of Southern Nevada Like Our Las Vegas Attorneys Do.

The lives of two young children ended brutally this week at the hands of their father, Josh Powell in a gruesome murder/suicide. This wasn’t the first tragedy to strike the family, Josh’s wife Susan Powell had disappeared from the home they shared in Utah in 2009. Josh had been the sole person of interest in her disappearance and had since moved to Washington to live with his father Steve Powell. In a strange twist to the plot, Steve Powell was recently arrested on multiple charges including child pornography. Just hours before the murders, Josh Powell sent goodbye messages to multiple people including his pastor and his Utah lawyer.

Over the last couple of years, I have been working closely with the Las Vegas charity, Families and Child Treatment of Southern Nevada (FACT). I began helping them with some legal issues as their attorney and last year, I was appointed the board of directors. FACT provides counseling treatment to victims of abuse and to the abusers at a separate facility. This has been very eye opening to me as to the pervasiveness and devastating effects of violence and abuse in our communities.

Shumway Van & Hansen is proud to support charities like FACT in Las Vegas and in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a Las Vegas lawyer, I sometimes see the worst our communities have to offer but we believe that Las Vegas and Salt Lake City are wonderful communities. We encourage everyone to get involved. I cannot help but believe that by working together we can improve our communities and possibly prevent things like this from happening in the future.

Kevin R. Hansen, Partner

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