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Top 5 Things to Do IMMEDIATELY After an Automobile Accident in San Antonio.

Hello San Antonio!

Shumway Van would like to reach out to all of you and offer our Top 5 Things to Do IMMEDIATELY after an automobile accident, so that the experience becomes a more manageable one.

So, without further ado: These are the Top 5 Things to Do immediately after a car crash:

1. Take pictures (lots of pictures)!

  • Take pictures of the DAMAGES to all vehicles involved,

  • Take pictures (if possible) of all the DRIVERS involved in the accident,

  • Take pictures of the TRAFFIC LIGHTS, STREET SIGNS, STREET NAMES, etc.,

  • Take pictures of the INSURANCE INFORMATION for each vehicle.

2. Write everything that you can remember from the accident down.

  • Make sure you write down the date, time, and location the accident occurred,

  • Write down a description of what happened when the accident happened,

  • Be sure to include the names and insurance information of all drivers and vehicles involved (in case pictures get lost or erased).

3. Call the police immediately and wait patiently.

  • When the officer or officers arrive, be sure to ask and write down the officer’s information,

  • Remember to provide the officer your version of what happened (remain calm and be as detailed as possible).

4. If you or anyone traveling with you is injured, get treatment right away!

  • Don’t be afraid to get emergency treatment, either with a EMT or at a local Emergency Room (your wellbeing and of those around you should be your number one priority at this time),

  • When seeking treatment, make sure you feel healed and as close to 100% as possible when finalizing treatment (one of the most important things to remember is that delaying treatment, big gaps in treatment and not completing treatment are some of the worst things one can do in terms of health or for your potential Personal Injury claim/case).

5. Call an attorney ASAP!

  • A quick phone or in-person consultation with your attorney about what transpired in relation to the vehicular accident will most likely be free and not take more than 60 minutes if you have all your facts straight and you have done the previous 4 steps.

  • Regardless if you feel that you were or weren’t at fault, legal counsel can only help you.

Take care and drive safe!

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