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Un-Beliebable-Justin Bieber's Threats to Sue Over Unphotoshopped Pics Not a Joke, Though Every L

He can’t manage to stay out of the news for long, we’ll give him that. And any lawsuit lawyer in San Antonio or almost anywhere else is never surprised when Justin Bieber’s “news” coverage involves threats of lawsuits. This most recent one, however, was just plain funny—though probably somewhat embarrassing for Beliebers who want to stand by that sexy hunk image. You know, the photoshopped one.

It first went down on Twitter: rumors that the Canadian pop star’s Calvin Klein campaign photos “had been heavily photo shopped.” But rumors weren’t enough. Soon photos themselves came bursting through social media, “revealing what is claimed to be an untouched photo of Justin Bieber posing in his white Calvins displaying less muscle mass and a significantly smaller package.” And when the young star got wind of it, he thought he’d through some legal muscle behind his rage, since, you know, his actual muscle turned out to be digitally enhanced. But before we all keel over because we can’t choose whether we want to scoff or laugh, a lawsuit lawyer in San Antonio, for example, could say that Bieber may have good reason to sue.

Part of the trouble—for Bieber at least—stems from the fact that he’d recently boasted to media that “his impressive-looking physique was all down to hard work.” Little did he know we would soon be aware that the hard work was on the part of photoshoppers. Embarrassed, sure, especially when online sources use unflattering commentary like Bieber’s being “seen with a much smaller chest and back, thinner arms and legs, a barely-there butt and a dramatically reduced bulge in his underpants.” Even when your ego isn’t built on an enhanced image of yourself, words like that have to sting.

A lawsuit lawyer could imagine that with some fancy legal footwork around contract stipulations regarding the photo shoot or even (though perhaps far-fetched) invoking defamation clauses and privacy rights of unauthorized photographs, Bieber might have something to go on with his lawsuit threats. Oh, he also demanded an apology, too, and that the website take down the unflattering photos, the skinnier-looking ones Bieber claims were actually the photoshopped ones.

Fortunately for everyone, it seems an amicable solution has been reached, with the purported unairbrushed photos being taken down and “bosses of the website” where they were published offering Mr. Bieber an apology. Fortunately for us, too, you can still find the pictures in plenty of places if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about.

And again, although Bieber’s lawyer probably could have at least made a valiant effort at a lawsuit, we think that the editor’s statement that they released about the whole situation after taking down the offending photos was pretty apropos: “We sincerely apologize to Bieber for the hit to his ego and to the millions of tweens on social media we upset…”

Thank you! Now was that so hard?

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