Use Salt Lake City Lawyers to Avoid Legal Battles After Death: A Utah Lawyer Could Have Helped Thoma

The famous painter of light, Thomas Kinkade’s estate is caught in a legal dispute between his widow and girlfriend. The question is over two barely legible handwritten wills that the girlfriend claims Kinkade wrote. All this could have been avoided with the help of Utah lawyer.

The barely legible handwritten wills would leave the girlfriend Kinkade’s $7 million mansion and $10 million to establish a museum for Kinkade’s artwork in the studio next door. The widow contests the handwritten wills, and instead submitted the original will and three codicils or amendments that include minor changes to the original will.

Kinkade died on April 6 at the mansion he shared with his girlfriend of 18 months. He had been separated from his wife for 2 years, but was not divorced.

The real legal issue at hand is fulfilling Kinkade’s wishes. What did he want done with his estate? It would have been wise for Kinkade to talk with an attorney so instead of leaving the court to guess what he wanted, his actual wishes would have been carried out.

Salt Lake City lawyers can help you set up your estate so your wishes will be carried out on your death. Don’t leave the court to guess what you want. You can set up a trust and have the trust control you assets. Even if there was a question about future wills it would not matter because the trust controls. Visit a Utah lawyer to discuss estate planning and the other benefits of trusts such as privacy and avoiding probate.

For more information about the legal battle of Kinkade’s estate, visit Or for help planning your own estate, Salt Lake City lawyers can set up a trust or update your current trust.

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