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Utah Bankruptcy Filings Fewer than Last Year So Far: An Attorney in Utah Can Help With Your Bankrupt

Utah bankruptcy filings this year fell almost 13 percent compared to the first half of the year for 2011. However, the high foreclosure rate for the state indicates that it may not be for long. If you need help filing for bankruptcy, contact an attorney in Utah before your situation get worse.

For the first half of this year there were 8,647 Utah bankruptcy filings, down from the 9,927 filings during the first half of 2011. Utah seems to follow the nation, as nationwide filings have also decreased for the first half of 2012 about 14 percent.

Even though filing rates dropped, Utah bankruptcy numbers are very high, with Utah as the fourth highest filing rate per capita in the country.

For more information about the Utah bankruptcy filings drop, visit or go to and click on public resources and then filing statistics. If you need help filing your own bankruptcy before you get too far in over your head, contact an attorney in Utah to help get your case started.

Utah bankruptcy attorneys at Shumway Van & Hansen always offer free consultations and often times can schedule an appointment within 24 hours. For more information please continue to utilize, call us at (801) 478-8080, or stop by our Salt Lake City office which is located at 8 East Broadway, Suite 550, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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