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Utah Family Law Attorney Reminds About Often Forgotten Holidays When Scheduling Child Custody Visita

When scheduling child custody visitation after a divorce, you do not want to end up as the parent that misses out on the unofficial holidays because your lawyer did not schedule for them. A good Salt Lake attorney can help make sure you do not miss out on these important, but unofficial, holidays with your children.

Official holidays are often scheduled into child custody visitation with parents switching off holidays with the children. Unofficial holidays like Halloween, Valentines Day, and Pioneer Day in Utah may be overlooked. However, these holidays can be just as important to the children and can provide important bonding time for the parent and child.

These unofficial holidays are on a floating schedule and may come on any day of the week, so if they are not scheduled for, you could miss these holidays with your children for several years in a row.

A good Utah family law attorney will include a provision for visitation on these unofficial holidays in the visitation agreement. While some attorneys do not consider these unofficial holidays as real holidays because they are not official federal holidays, they are still real to the children, especially young children.

Contact a Utah family law attorney today for help setting up a visitation schedule that takes into account your circumstances and meets your needs.

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