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Utah Personal Injury Lawyer Looks at Utah’s Concussion Policy

PIt’s football season, many people’s favorite time of the year, but also one of the most dangerous – dangerous for NFL players and anyone participating in sports. A Utah personal injury lawyer takes a look at Utah’s policies to see how they stand up to what is being called the “concussion conundrum.”

More than 1,000 former NFL players are suing the league claiming that pro football did not inform the players about the dangers of concussions, protect the players from concussions, or care for them after concussions. Although the league asserts it did not intentionally mislead players, the suits raise the issue of whether enough is being done about concussions.

Kristina B. Otterstrom, a personal injury attorney Utah athletes can turn to with questions, thinks Utah is off to a good start addressing the concussion problem, but also thinks more could be done to protect these young athletes. Safety, of course, is the first concern.

The Utah legislature adopted the Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries Act in 2011. This Act states that amateur sports organizations must adopt and enforce a concussion and head injury policy. A Utah personal injury lawyer can help you if your amateur sports organization has not adopted a policy and your child has been injured.

The adopted policy needs to state the nature and risk of concussion and risk of continuing participation after sustaining a concussion. The Act also requires that the policy be given to each agent of the amateur sports organization and that they familiarize themselves with it.

Before allowing a child to participate in the sporting event, a written copy of the policy must be given to and signed by the child’s parents or legal guardian acknowledging that they have read, understand, and agree to the policy. If your child participates in sports, whether football or any other contact sport, you should make sure you receive the sports head injuries policy.

Additionally, the amateur sports organization must remove a child from participating if the child is suspected of sustaining a concussion, and prohibit the child from participating until a qualified health care provider evaluates the child.

If your child has received a concussion or other traumatic head injury, contact a personal injury attorney Utah can depend on for results at Shumway Van & Hansen.

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