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Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Note Increase in Child Injuries on Inflatable Bouncers

Kids love them, but doctors and Utah injury lawyers have a different perspective on inflatable bouncers. The rate of child injuries has increased 15 times from 1995 to 2010, according to a report in the Pediatrics journal.

You’ve probably seen the inflatable bouncers at fairs, amusement parks, or even backyard birthday parties. These inflatable bouncers come in the form of slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, and more.

The most common causes of injuries are falls, aerobatics, and collisions. In 2010, there were 30 children a day treated for inflatable bouncer injuries in hospital emergency rooms. Additionally, smaller children are at greater risk. The injuries reported are similar to trampoline injuries.

While much of the increase in injuries could be attributed to the fact that inflatable bouncers are more prevalent than in 1995, the study still brings light on an important point, that safety measures need to be followed when using inflatable bouncers.

The report notes the need for safety guidelines for inflatable bouncer usage and improvements in bouncer design to prevent injuries among children. Utah personal injury lawyers agree that safety guidelines are important for an area with such dramatically increasing injuries.

One safety precaution parents can take is to make sure the bounce houses are properly secured to the ground. It is also a good idea for younger children to not jump at the same time as older children.

Furthermore, Utah injury lawyers think it is a good idea for adults to supervise their children on inflatable bouncers, and stop the children from doing acrobatics that could result in damage to the spinal cord if the child lands on the back of his neck or head.

If your child has been injured while playing on an inflatable bouncer, Utah personal injury lawyers can make sure you get the money you need to care for your child.

Utah injury lawyers at Shumway Van & Hansen always offer free consultations so please call (801) 478-8080 now if you have been injured.

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