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Vegas Accidents Happen and a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas Can Assist You

More Americans ages 5 to 34 are killed in car accidents than any other single cause, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and a new report ranked the states based on automobile deaths. If you unfortunately find yourself as one of the many in a motor vehicle accident, a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas can assist you.

The top ten states for the most accidents are: (1) Mississippi, (2) Montana, (3) Alabama, (4) Wyoming, (5) Arkansas, (6) South Carolina, (7) Louisiana, (8) West Virginia, (9) Oklahoma, (10) Kentucky, according to a report released by The Trust for America’s Health. The states were ranked based on the highest yearly average automobile deaths per 100,000 people from 2007-2009.

While Nevada drivers are not listed in the top ten worst, they are also not the best, that’s Massachusetts with 5.5 deaths per 100,000 people. A car accident lawyer in Las Vegas can help you know if you have a good case and also give you advice on how to proceed with treatment and making a claim for compensation.

These traffic accidents result in a high cost to the state in medical expenses and lost economic productivity and more importantly the loss of life. The study found that seat belt use is one of the best ways to prevent deaths and states with higher seat belt usage rates and laws relating to seat belt usage tended to have fewer fatalities.

Drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts in Nevada. And as of January 1, texting, accessing the Internet, and hand-held cell phone use while driving are illegal. A car accident lawyer in Las Vegas can help you if someone breaking these laws has injured you.

For more information about the most dangerous states to drive in, click here or call a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas if you have been injured in an accident.

Shumway Van & Hansen always offers free consultations and often times can schedule an appointment within 24 hours. For more information about receiving compensation from an accident or injury please continue to utilize, call us at (801) 478-8080 or (702) 478-7770, or stop by either of our offices which are located at 8985 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 100, Las Vegas Nevada 89123 and 8 East Broadway, Suite 550, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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