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What’s in a Name? – Utah Lawyers Discuss Trademarks: An Attorney in Utah Can Register Your Trademark

You see trademarks everyday, starting with your morning coffee or cereal for breakfast. Trademarks are a way people or businesses identify their products or services. A trademark may be a logo, symbol, image, word, phrase, name, or even unique attributes of well-known celebrities. An attorney in Utah can help you register your personal or business trademark.

Why is a trademark important? Utah lawyers say trademarks are significant because the owner of a trademark can initiate legal proceedings to protect their trademark and prevent its unauthorized use. However, a trademark may need to be formally registered before you can bring a legal proceeding.

Julia Child’s heirs recently brought a lawsuit against Thermador ovens after it used Child’s image and name in a marketing campaign. Child’s heirs said Child never endorsed products, claiming “your name is your most valuable asset.”

Child left her intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights and the use of her likeness to a charitable foundation, the Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts.

Even though both sides of the legal battle agree that Child used Thermador appliances on her television set and kitchen on display in the Smithsonian, the real question is whether Thermador required the approval of Child’s foundation before using her image and name in the marketing campaign.

Contact an attorney in Utah to start protecting your trademark. A Utah lawyer can help you meet the requirements to get a registered trademark or can help you file a lawsuit for trademark infringement.

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