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When one thinks of a harbor for crime, Salt Lake City does not immediately spring to the mind. Howev

When one thinks of a harbor for crime, Salt Lake City does not immediately spring to the mind. However, as a bustling metropolis in its own right, the fair city is not exempt from criminality all together. Utah has one the highest rates of rape against women according to U.S. studies, a fact which any attorney in Salt Lake City can see within the courts. It’s surprising to many, since the main theme of Utah has been grounded in history as a religious and moral center.

Recent reports show that this issue is of major concern to almost all women in Utah. Women in Salt Lake City believe little things can be done to ensure their safety through the city, with the help of city officials. In the past year few years reports of rape have risen and in 2010 alone there were over one hundred documented reports, however, from statistical deduction and application, it is estimated 1000 were, for several reasons, not reported to authorities. Many victims never pursue criminal action, for various reasons, sometimes they are inhibited by PTSD from the event, advise many Utah lawyers. Additionally, these reports do not exude from one socio-economic group, they each run the gamut of race, religion and economic status. “It’s sometimes common for individuals to perceive that these crimes come from poor areas,” says our criminal attorney in our Salt Lake City Utah law firm, “but it’s definitely a crime that transcends those boundaries.”

The type of suggestions being made, to ensure more safety for women, include simple acts such as adequate street lighting. Attackers are less likely to pursue an individual if they don’t feel adequate cover, and potential victims become that much safer with potential danger in plain sight. In addition to lighting, many women hope that police force and investigative employees are financially supported to allow more protection to multiple areas, especially during late hours.

Overall, there needs to be a better support group for women who have endured such crimes, state many SLC citizens. The amount of crimes reported speak volumes, but the unreported ones speak even louder. As mentioned there are several reasons why a women may not report such a crime, but many in Salt Lake City want these inhibiting notions to be stamped out by adequate care and available facilities for these innocent victims.

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